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Chaozhou Lylins Garment & Accessories Co., Ltd is an integrated enterprise, specializing in design, manufacturing and marketing business of all kinds of apparel accessories and crafts. Located in the North Industrial Zone of Chaozhou, a city of east Guangdong Province, it is only about 500 kilometers away from Guangzhou and a 30-minute drive from Shantou Waisha Airport. Via the transit from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shantou, and Hong Kong etc, the strategic location makes the cargo transportation convenient and effective.


At present, our company is well equipped with imported Japanese original Tajima Embroidery Machines, which combined the flat embroidery, sequin embroidery and rope embroidery together; with automatic Flat Screen Printing Machines; with Laser Engraving Machines and other advanced machineries. Meanwhile, a strong design team also lays a solid foundation for the outstanding product innovation and the customers’ in-time sample needs.


For your information, our latest Autumn & Winter Series of Products launch in each April; our latest Spring & Summer Series of Products launch in each October.


Product Composition: Classic Products; Fashion Products; Style Products.


Classic Products:  By using the traditional raw material to design, this series of products are generally available year-round with non-stop sales, and without becoming obsolete inventory.


Fashion Products: Aiming to meet the market fashion needs, prevalent and popular selling raw materials are used in this series of products, which will become the best-selling with a short sales cycle.


Style Products: By integrating the different processes into our design, the unique connotation of our brand J. W. Lam has fully demonstrated, which is difficult to imitate by peers. At the same time, the elegance, innocence and aesthetic style of this series of products are also showed through color matching.

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